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Seed Partners

We sell seed products from the following companies.


Legend Seeds

Legend Seeds offer a broad selection of research-tested products. They produce corn, soybeans, sunflowers, alfalfa, silage corn, sorghum, and specialty products.


LG Seeds

LG Seeds provides our clients with corn seed backed by years of research.


Albert Lea Seed

Albert Lea Seed began in 1923 as a family-owned seed store offering field seed and garden seed. They recently acquired Blue River Organic Seed making them the largest organic field seed supplier, producer, and commercialization expert in the U.S. They provide organic conventional non-GMO farmers with seed for corn, soybeans, pasture & forage, small grains, and cover crops.


Foundation Seeds

Foundation Seeds has over 25 years experience in the seed industry.


Prairie Hybrids

Prairie Hybrids focuses on providing quality non-GMO corn seed. They have a variety of organic and conventional corn seed.


Legacy Seeds

Legacy Seed is dedicated to growers getting the most out of every acre of their farm with their options of alfalfa, corn, soybeans and more.



Nuseed has a proven portfolio of sunflower, canola, and sorghum seed developed specifically for your fields and market opportunities. Giving you better growth, all year round.


Thunder Seed

Thunder Seed is a partnership of three Minnesota families with four generations of experience on the farm. They understand the best soybean, corn and corn silage harvests begin with the seeds.

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Ray Brothers Seed of Idaho

Ray Brothers Seed of Idaho specializes in grass, alfalfa and corn seed.

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YieldMaster Solutions

YieldMaster Solutions, LLC brings biological innovations to growers across America. They are committed toward bringing to market environmentally sound products and solutions that have proven their ability to improve plant health and enhance the growers ROI.

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Equipment and Services Partners



HydroSide specializes in providing innovative ways to run traveling irrigation. We are a proud seller of HydroSide’s solar powered remote controlled wheel movers.


Augie's Ag Sales

Augie's has been offering high quality products and friendly knowledgeable service to farmers since the 1970's. He offers hay and silage applicators, pressure washers, moisture monitors and more.

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